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        ABOUT US


        • 1995

          Founded Ruian Great Machinery Co.,Ltd.
        • 1996-1998

          Launched China’s first independently developed UV Coating Machine and improved calendar.
        • 1999-2001

          Established the company’s first paper-type UV Coating Machine into the company.
        • 2002

          Profoundly improved UV Coating Machine,
          obtained a number of patent certificates, and provincial Outstanding Technology Product Award;
          Our products successfully passed the ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification.
        • 2003

          Improved Coating Machine, became the professional film laminating
          machine manufacturer, and obtained the Second Prize of Science and
          Technology Progress, and won a number of patent certificates.
        • 2004-2005

          Independently developed, designed and produced the spot UV/water varnish coating machine
          and won the Third Prize of Zhejiang Machinery Science and Technology.
        • 2006

          Independently developed, designed and produced China’s first paper-plastic glue-free Laminating machine
          and the first domestic oil heating laminating machine.
        • 2007

          Began the production of automatic Laminating machine.
        • 2008

          Products passed SGZ, EU and CE certifications, was granted the title of Meritorious Enterprise.
        • 2009

          Was granted the title of Outstanding Growth Enterprise.
        • 2011

          Obtained the title of Top 10 Private Enterprises of Ruian City.
        • 2013-2014

          Has carried out all-round development and production of high-speed
          automatic vertical laminating machines,pre-coating machines, high-end UV coating machines
        • 2015-2016

          Develop and produced high speed automatic laminating machine with chain blade cutting.
        • 2017

          Mass production of high-end hot knife automatic high-speed laminating machine won the
          Wenzhou Science and Technology Innovation Project, Jialite was designated as a pilot company
          for the development of laminating machines in Zhejiang Province.
        • 2018

          The company through the national high-tech enterprise certification.
        • 2020

          Introduces New Vertical Vertical laminating film laminating machine and dryer.




        CONTACT US
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