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        It is a paper surface varnishing (UV) and polishing machine which is suitable for the varnishing and polishing process of various paper (80-600g/m2); various paper prints after processing greatly improve surface gloss; the print surface has the damp-proof and water-proof effects. The machine adopts the reversing mechanism to make the oil layer thinner and more even.

        The machine also adopts a computer air knife device, a strong absorption mechanism and a right-and-right scraper transmission mechanism. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, stable and reliable performance, simple and convenient operation and high automation degree

        Function introduction of each part:

        Automatic paper feeder:

        The automatic paper feeder has the function of pre-piling paper to guarantee coherent and stable conveying.

        Polishing and varnishing head:

        The head adopts a three-roller reversal speed control head to guarantee aqueous polishing effect and no stripe mark; the metering roller is driven by the independent motor so as to ensure even gumming amount. The air knife device can be used for the paper less than 250 g.

        Drying part:

        The infrared drying tunnel adopts 18 infrared tubes with 1.2 kw per piece. The ultraviolet drying tunnel adopts 3 ultraviolet tubes with 8 kw per piece. The inside of the drying oven adopts a UV automatic deviation-correcting device in high precision. The automatic temperature controller of infrared lamps has stable temperature. The more reasonable drying and cooling system with fan for assistance ensures the aqueous varnishing and drying effects; the infrared lamp and UV (ultraviolent) drying oven has an automatic rising-lowering protector.

        Automatic paper collector:

        The automatic paper collector pats paper right and left to ensure paper collection in order without shutdown. 

        Main Technical Parameters:


        SE-1200 Manual

        SE-1200 Automatic

        Length of Roller



        Suitable Paper Thickness



        Max. Working of Paper




        380v 50Hz

        380V 50Hz

        Motor Power



        Infrared Heating Power



        Ultraviolet Heating Power

        3*8kw or 2*8kw

        3*8kw or 2*8kw

        Overall Dimension



        Machine Weight



        Remark: accept customization of equipment in various specifications

        Product Characteristics:

        The product has the functions of automatic paper feeding and collection, has rapid printing speed and improves the productivity effect.

        The inside of the drying oven adopts a UV automatic skew detection mechanism in high precision.

        The reasonable fan cooling system ensures aqueous varnishing and drying effects.

        Three-roller reversal head guarantees no stripe mark.

        The machine has industrial aesthetics design, beautiful and elegant appearance, scientific structure and stable performance.



        Mechanical color according to the actual picture video is for reference only, technical parameters performance and characteristics are subject to change without prior notice!





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