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        Your position:Home>Products>SG-A1200 Automatic Thick Paper UV OIL Varnishing Machine

        SG-A series varnish machine, mainly used for various paper (250-600g/m2) surface oil coating finishing paper surface role, can do water-based oil, UV oil and blister oil varnish, by this machine to treat the surface of various paper prints to play a role in moisture and wear resistance. The following products can be applied to this machine.

        Model SG-A 
        Max Paper Sheet Size 1150*1100mm 
        Min Paper Sheet Size 390*320mm 
        Roller Length 1250mm 
        Paper Thickness 250-600gsm 
        Speed 10-80m/min 
        Working Power 25-30kw 
        Feeding Paper Pile Height 1150mm 
        Collecting Paper Pile Height 1050mm 
        Voltage 380V 50Hz 3P 
        Circuit Breaker 100A 
        Main Motor Power 2.5kw 
        Standby Power 60kw 
        IR lamp Power 1.2*18pcs 
        UV lamp Power 3*8kw 
        Weight 6400kg 
        Dimension 10800*1800*1750mm
        Oil Typewater base oil, uv oil, blister oil, plastic oil
        Loading 40 HQ

        1. Four suction and four feeding high-speed flyer head, the maximum speed can reach 12,000 sheets/hour.
        2. Anti-paper table plate upper and lower limit setting.
        3. Double or multi-sheet detection device.
        4. Rising protection device on the flyer table, with a micro switch above the table to prevent the paper from rising too high and hitting the flyer head.
        5. Servo motor for flyer head (optional), more stable paper feeding and longer service life of flyer head.
        6. Baker vacuum pump (optional)

        1. Customized stainless steel corrugated plate is used.
        2. Side pull gauge structure (optional), to ensure the accuracy ≤ ±2mm, more stable.
        3. Spray code device (optional), can choose to add spray code equipment according to product demand, varnish/spray code two processes at once to meet the diversified needs of customers.

        1. Three rollers reversing speed control head to ensure the water-based varnishing effect without streak marks.
        2. Separate motor drive for metering roller to ensure even gluing.
        3. Add pedal for workers to step on and use, more convenient to debug the machine, and add railing behind the pedal for more safety.
        4. Powder removal device (optional): add a set of varnishing machine head with water to remove the powder used to take away the dust caused by printing.

        DRYER UNIT
        1. Infrared drying, 18 infrared lamps light solidification.
        2. UV drying, 3 UV lamps with light solidification.
        3. Fan cooling device.
        4. UV light solidification lamp intelligent transformer (optional), energy saving 30-40%.

        1. Adopt pneumatic paper flush structure to ensure neat paper collection.
        2. Equipped with paper counter. 3.
        3. Electric eye induction automatic descent, paper wind pressure adjustment. 4.
        4. Deceleration wheel (optional): decelerate the paper before dropping at high speed to prevent the paper from hitting the baffle plate too fast and causing damage.





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