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        Your position:Home>Products>FM-H Automatic Vertical Laminating Machinw with Hot Knife

        Machine Function and Structure

        FM-H fully Automatic Vertical High-precision and multi-duty laminator as a professional equipment used for plastic

        film laminating on the surface of paper printed matter.

        Water-based gluing (waterborne polyurethane adhesive) dry laminating. (water-based glue, oil-based glue, non-glue film)

        Thermal laminating (Pre-coated /thermal film)

        Film: OPP, PET, PVC, METALIC, NYLON, etc

        Application Range

        Widely applicable for laminating in packaging, paper box, books, magazines, calendars, carton, handbags, Gift box, Wine packaging paper improving the printing matter grades, and achieve the purpose of dust-proof, water-proof, oil proof. It’s the best choice for printing and laminating enterprises of all scales.




        FM-1080-Max. paper size-mm


        FM-1080-Min. paper size-mm



        10-90 (thickness of the paper, variety, and glue quality

        Paper thickness-g/m2 (round knife slitting)

        80-500 (easy adjust above 100gms, E type corrugated)

        Paper thickness-g/m2  (hot knife slitting)

        ≥115gms (paper quality good, 105gms is ok)

        Overlap precision-mm


        Film thickness (common micrometer)


        Common glue thickness-g/m2


        Pre-gluing film thickness-g/m2

        1005,1006,1206 (1508 and 1208 for deep embossing paper)

        Non-stop Feeding height-mm


        Collector paper height (incl. pallet)-mm




        Roll working pressure-Mpa


        Vacuum pump


        Cable thickness-mm2    




        Dimension (layout)



        One of 40” HQ

        Remark: accept customize large size of the machine depend on customer need. 
        1050*1250; 1250*1250mm; 1250*1450mm, 1250*1650mm

        Basic Configuration
        Paper loading size via screen enter write, fully automatic whole machine. 
        Equipment appearance professional industrial design, spray-paint process, practical and beautiful.
        High quality pneumatic conveying paper feeder with 4 suckers for lifting paper and 4 suckers for conveying paper to ensure stable and fast paper feeding, with servo driver. Non stop and with pre-pile unit.
        Side pull gauge, overlap is controlled by servo motor, ensure accuracy.
        Paper conveying plate with 304 corrugated stainless steel plate.
        Vertical dual functions laminator unit, 380mm diameter main steel heating roller is controlled by electromagnetic heating system, high efficiency and energy saving, it will ensure high quality products’ film laminating requirements. 1000mm diameter drying heating roller, 380mm diameter rubber pressure roller, Ceramic anilox roller coating glue, Teflon roller drying glue.
        l Hot knife sheet separate unit suitable for PET/OPP/PVC film and every kinds of metal film, after cutting without tail film. (chain knife suitable for PET and OPP film, round knife suitable for BOPP and OPP film)
        The electrical configuration mainly adopts the Taiwan Delta electrical control system and the French Schneider electric appliance.
        Collector unit: Non-stop delivery smoothly.
        Auxiliary cart lifting changing roll film, Single person independent operation.

        Detail Configuration
        ①High speed non-stop feeder: (Servo control)
        4 suckers for lifting paper and 4 suckers for conveying paper to ensure stable and fast paper feeding.Max. feeding speed 12,000 sheets/h

        ② Laminating unit:
        H model with large Dia. 1000mm of the dry roller for fast dryer, auxiliary oven could completely open (front and back). 
        Double Electromagnetic heating system control
        Glue coating and glue measuring roller with thickness Chromium plating treatment, uniform rapid gluing.
        Gluing system with Teflon treatment (cleaning easy)

        ③Hot knife cutter unit (include round knife and hot knife) 
        Cutting mechanism 1:Rotary fly-cutter cutting mechanism. 
        Rotary knife cutting can be applied to more than 100 grams paper, production of 100 grams paper need to appropriate reduce speed. Make sure paper flat after cutting. The fly off knife with 4 blades, bidirectional rotation, speed synchronization with main machine, also can adjust the speed ratio. With the guide wheel structure, solve the problem of film edge.

        Cutting mechanism 2: hot knife mechanism. 
        Rotation knife holder.
        Heating knife edge directly, working with safe low voltage 24v, Rapid heating and cooling.
        Sensor, sensitive detection of paper thickness changes, accurate determine the position of paper cutting.
        Display.Hot knife automatically generate different temperature, according to different paper sizes and dimensions, in order to ensure smooth cutting.   

        ④ Non-stop collector unit       
        The automatic paper collecting machine of the laminating machine has the function of collecting paper without shutdown; the collecting size is matched with the paper feeder. 





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